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Our Fashion Consulting Process

Step 1:

After scheduling a personalized uplifting consultation with T.Marshae, each client will be given a customized package that fits their budget.

In The Beginning

Step 2:

Once the colors, size, and style has been determined, T. Marshae will shop according to each client's specific aspirations, taking them on a personalized faith journey that will educate and empower each client every step of the way.

The Faith Journey

Step 3

When all items have been purchased, T. Marshae will present each article of clothing, accessories, and shoes to each client in a personalized styling session for their event or photoshoot.

The Dress Up

Step 4

During the photoshoot or event, T.Marshae will be there every step of the way. She will guide you through the entire process.

The Big Reveal

Schedule A Consultation

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